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Common Questions about Aqueous Ozone Cleaning Systems

on-site on-demand cleaning Now that more facilities such as schools, restaurants, office buildings, and healthcare settings are selecting engineered water or no-chemical cleaning systems such as aqueous ozone, it is becoming clear that custodial workers often have questions about them, including why they are being adopted in the first place. To help us address some of these issues, Matt Montag, sales manager for CleanCore™ Technologies, manufacturer of aqueous ozone equipment, lists some of the questions that usually come up:

Is ozone safe?

Ozone is naturally found in the atmosphere and is safe to use for both commercial and residential cleaning.

Do I need to wear protective clothing?

It is not necessary to wear protective clothing; however, as with all cleaning, custodial workers are encouraged to wear gloves as well as goggles. [Read More…]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Aqueous Ozone

effective Aqueous ozone cleaning system Cleanfax recently published an article on cleaning carpet using aqueous ozone, which has been quite popular among our readers. Many are still curious exactly what aqueous ozone systems are. Matt Montag, distribution sales manager for CleanCore® Technologies, offers up answers to some common questions regarding aqueous ozone. Learn more by clicking here.

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New Website for CleanCore Technologies

on-site on-demand cleaning

CleanCore Technologies, manufacturer of aqueous ozone cleaning systems, announces the launch of a new website:

The home page headings “Cleaning Simplified” and “Sustainability Meets Performance” were purposely selected because, according to Matt Montag, distribution sales manager for CleanCore, “They say everything we want people to know about our aqueous ozone cleaning systems.” Read more by clicking here.

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Introducing CleanCore Technologies

cleancore 3.0 fillstation

CleanCore Technologies, which manufactures aqueous ozone cleaning systems, was started nearly six years ago. The company was first known as Viriditec but changed its name to CleanCore Technologies in 2014 – although the name Viriditec is still used for the company’s products that are marketed and sold in Canada. [Read More…]

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Engineered Water: A Future Trend in Green Cleaning Technologies

aqueous ozone cleaning Engineered water or on-site generation that converts tap water into effective cleaning solution is another emerging technology in the cleaning industry. The process of creating a traditional chemical, from extraction and manufacturing to distribution, packaging and then waste, greatly impacts the environment as water is involved in that whole process. Engineered water, whether through steam cleaning or high pressure cleaning, is used on site, with nothing being built in the process and nothing being thrown away. Read more by clicking here.

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On-Site Generation Benefits

What Building Managers and BSC’s should know about On-Site Generation of Aqueous Ozone. While the term could apply to some traditional cleaning products, we are seeing it used predominantly by manufacturers of engineered-water cleaning systems such as electrolyzed water and aqueous ozone systems. CleanLink Article